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Something is probably repulsive on my profile, but what?


My stats show these:




As a newbie on the upwork.com, I find my above average "You are viewed" and "You were hired" ratio pretty good.


But, why are my profile views constant zero? I were viewed above the average. Maybe this "Profile views" shows the count as I was found in the search box? But... even if it is so: I already got an invitation for a project (I declined it on the spot as obvious recruiter spam). How could then that recruiter find me?


Another, more important question: my "You were interviewed" stat is clearly below average. Comparing this to my other two stats, I think the consequence is this: customers tends to find my profile interesting (in their list of the proposals), but after they view me, they find something bad in it. However, if they interview me, I again have above average chance to be hired.


Thus, I think, my profile might have something what they find repulsive.


Do you have access to my profile? If yes, any idea, what could it be? If no, how could I make it more visible for you?


(I can put a screenshot about it, if there is no other way to show it for you, and I can edit or extend my this post later.)


P.s. You can be honest, no problem. I want to know the answer, you can safely ignore my peace of mind. 🙂


I just took a quick look at your profile, and the only thing that jumps out at me is that you should probably more space at the top of your profile talking about what you can do for your clients than about yourself. Also keep in mind that when a client is looking at a list of freelancers, they only see the first few lines of your profile. The same goes for your proposals: in a list of proposals, the first two or three lines is all the client will see when deciding to open the proposal or not.


As far as the "who viewed" stat goes, I suggest just ignoring it. Upwork shows three different versions of that stat, none of them agree with each other, and they often reset to zero for weeks at a time.


Hi Peter. The Profile Views graph only shows views resulting from a client finding you in a search, while the You Were Viewed bar is based on views resulting from your proposals. As a newcomer to Upwork you're unlikely to get jobs from being found in searches, so I wouldn't take any notice of the graph. (I don't know why your scammy invitation doesn't show as a view. Another bug I suppose.)


In fact I wouldn't take much notice of the Marketing Effectiveness area of the stats page. I've never found it useful. No one knows what algorithm is used to calculate those bars, and I don't trust Upwork to get its algorithms right.


I suggest that you focus mainly on your proposals, and finding ways to grab clients' attention in those.


I can't see your profile because you have it set to "Upwork users only". Even though I'm an Upwork user, I don't count as one when trying to access your profile from this forum, since the forum is public. If you'd like forum users to be able to see your profile, set it to Public in your Upwork settings.


I hope that helps.