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Specialized proposals

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Gwynne Berica S Member Since: Dec 7, 2020
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I am cruious about the specialized profiles that Upwork wants freelancers to complete . My impression is that these profiles are intended to connect clients who want to work with freelancers with speicifc skill sets. 

I am a freelancer with different skill sets,.So this offers me an attractive way of connecting more directly and efficiently with clients who might be interested in working with me.  I'd be inclined  to create  3 or 4  specialized profiles to promote my training and experience in each area of specialization. But, I wanted to double-check about whether there are a limited number of profiles that freelancers are permitted toc rceate. 

I also have a few additional questions:

1. Once I have created my specialized profiles, will I need to keep using the general profile?  

2.  If so, will Upwork be sending my proposals with both my geeneral and relevant specialized profile or just the specialized profile?

3.  Where will the specialized profiles be located on the stie?  When I opened the portfolio section on my general profile page, I found a message about cretaing a specialized profile.  But, I wasn't clear about  whether these profiles would be located within my geneal profile page or somewhere else.  

4.  Is it possible to create a portfolio for my general profile in the meantimee? I wasn't able to find  a way to do that, 

5.  Finally, one general question about my heneral profile page  How cdo I I delete some featured skills on my profile to make room for some other ones? I didn't see an editing option.





Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Gwynne Berica,


Freelancers can now create up to two free specialized profiles. The profile that is most relevant to the job requirements will automatically be shown with your proposal. Your general profile and any other specialized profiles you have will still be visible to the client when they view your proposal and your profile details. 


A freelancer won't be able to add a new portfolio item or edit an existing one without adding a Specialized Profile because we are encouraging freelancers to create Specialized profiles. Specialized profiles allow freelancers to better describe the work they do and showcase their skills, portfolio items and previous work experience in a format that helps clients find best freelancers for their specific projects.


You can check this help article for more information about Specialized Profiles.


To edit or add skills to your profile please go to Find Work › Profile, scroll down to the Skills section, and click the ✎ icon. Here is the help article for more information.


Thank you!

~ Bojan