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Status / Health of my freelancer profile (means weather i am voilating any upwork policy or not)


I am just new to upwork, i just heard about it from my friend.
As we are both in same field we created our profiles and started working on upwork,
we often send proposals for different jobs as everyone does, but unfortunately her account got suspended due to submitting a high number of proposals without many earnings,
i am just scared about my account too, is there any way to find the status/health of my proposals/profile from the support team's point of view??
OR some day i got suspended too, without any warnings 😕

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Retired Team Member

Hi Habib,

You can check out this Help Article for details on what is considered inappropriate behavior.

~ Goran

Hi Goran,
Thank you for quick response,
I read this article but that was a general article 🙂
Now i want to know the health/status of my profile specifically, like if i have to contact support team directly to ask them about the status of my profile or is there any feature in upwork which shows me how my profile is going according to upwork policies.

Hi Habib,

Unfortunately we can`t share more information about this.
Keep on applying on jobs that are perfect fit for your skills and deliver great results on them. In order to be careful not to make any violations on our TOS you can save the link I have shared with you below as a reference.

~ Goran

Hello Goran,
as you stated "we can`t share more information about this" then who is answerable to my question??? You are Support Team!! This is your job to answer my related questions!!
I HAVE RIGHT TO ASK QUESTIONS and UPWORK SUPPORT TEAM must have to give me some valid answers!!

and secondly you said "keep on applying on jobs that are perfect fit for your skills and deliver great results on them"
But unfortunately, my friend was applying on the jobs only related to her skills and delivering the best results to the clients too, still her account got suspended suddenly without any warnings!!

i mean how could we come to know that we are not going in right directions???? Instead of facing a sudden suspension!!!!

Hi Habib,

I understand your concern, but please know we are not suspending a large number of freelancer accounts. We have found only a small portion of our registered users are submitting many proposals but not winning any (or very few) contracts.

In general, we suspend an account when a freelancer repeatedly applies to many jobs but fails to collect earnings or only earns a small amount. We do not like taking this step, but we must do so in the interest of the rest of the Upwork community. Generally many freelancers find success on Upwork when they submit fewer proposals only to jobs they are absolutely sure they can excel at and write outstanding proposals when they do. I hope that helps you.


Hi Nina,
First of all thank you for such a nice and to the point reply for my questions, Upwork Community needs more team members like you!
May i know what should be the lowest ratio between sending proposals and getting hired and earnings??
I mean what if i got hired for 3 low budget projects of 5$ - 10$ in a month, and what if i got hired for only 1 high budget project like 350$ - 500$ in whole month??

Hi Habib,

We do not have any ratios in place for this, as Nina has mentioned: 

we suspend an account when a freelancer repeatedly applies to many jobs but fails to collect earnings or only earns a small amount. 

Unfortunately we can`t share more details with you, keep on sending unique cover letters for projects that are under your skillset.

~ Goran

I am new to Upwork, and this entire thread is very concerning. There should be some information somewhere about what will trigger this sort of suspension. Also, I don't understand how suspending the account would solve the problem. If Upwork can't provide any information about what the appropriate ratio is, then how can the user get un-suspended so they can apply for jobs? Repeating the instruction to "just keep applying for jobs" seems rather useless. That is exactly what got the first person suspended. If there is good competition for jobs, then we are more likely to apply for many and get few. I would like to get more infomation.

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I find this alarming as well. I am fairly new and I have sent out a lot of proposals. I won two bids - one decent and one small, and I'm in consideration for a very large one. But because I am going up against people who have been here a while with great feedback and will probably get a job over me in most situations, is my ratio of  proposals to offers low enough to get me suspended?  The idea that people would be suspended for that is highly alarming, especially when we're not given any kind of numercial estimate. Now, I will be afraid to send out proposals!

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Hello Rebecca and Marci,


We're sorry but we can't really divulge such information to users. We could only recommend that you must apply to those jobs which you think you are capable enough to compete with other freelancers and be able to win the job. Here are some links to help you boost your chances of getting hired here on Upwork:


Submitting a winning proposal

Enhance your profile

Tips to boost your success


Thank you for understanding and good luck!

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