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Still not getting any Jobs? and my bid are End Should i go for paid Bids ?


Hi Gurus,

I have Updated my profile as suggested, but still not getting any response or Job. What else I need to update more to get a Job. As I am new to Upwork so I can't show any Upwork experience or review on my profile.

What is missing in my profile or in my bidding? 

My Bidding is finished so should I purchase Paid Bids? 


The decision if you should go for a paid membership or not is entirely yours. It is, in the end, one of many business decisions you need to make as a freelancer.

You could have a perfect and inviting profile and wonderful proposals, you still are competing with maybe 500000, probably more, other freelancers looking for similar jobs. Out of those, only 10% have any earnings yet. This is the reality you find yourself in. 

In order to succeed in this environment, you need a strong sense of self-marketing and have the necessary skills to provide excellent services. Work on that. 

Following are accurate, "Oracle" Upwork statistics:


Any Amount Earned ($1-$10k +):     39,995          $10k+:     2,035


No Earnings Yet:                               35,874


Hourly Fees Charged:     $10-30:     18,589


                                        $30-60:       7,747


                                        $60+:           3,929


In addition, I suggest you hide the Below Average test result on your Profile.              



Hi Pat,


Thanks for your Suggestions. I will do the needful. 

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