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Still on active candidacy for a fixed contract

Hi! I just want to be clarified about this new client. The term was for a fixed contract. She contacted me to start working. However the status was still on my active candidacy. I asked her about it but she said that she is actually hiring 2 people for the job. And the actual terms was really per processed invoice. She would pay for every processed invoice and not really for a fixed contract. Should I continue to work? Maybe she also did that because there is no option for her to pay us per invoice but only fixed or per hour activity. Can you help me on this?


Hi Japphet,


It looks like your client may have misunderstood how Fixed-Price contracts work. For Fixed-Price contracts, clients can divide the work into milestones and release payment after they review and approve the work submitted by the freelancer.  You may want to share this help article to your client. If you need further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

~ Joanne
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