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When submitting proposals it is asking to verify my location with uploading my identity documents which I dont want to share in any random site for which I am a first time user.. PHone number and photo should have been enough proof of identity. Why to share government documents?

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@Nisha N wrote:

 PHone number and photo should have been enough proof of identity. Why to share government documents?

 Because some people are dishonest frauds and pretend to be somewhere they are not.


Anyone can have access to a US phone number and pretend to be in the USA and to have graduated from a US university in one year...


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Community Manager

Hi Nisha, 


We are now giving U.S. clients the option to receive proposals only from U.S.-based freelancers when they post a job. To verify your location, the team requires a state-issued ID, driver’s license, green card or U.S. passport.

If you choose to go through location verification by uploading an image of your ID, any data will be encrypted and securely processed and your image will not be stored. You are not required to share your ID with us, however you will need to do so if you wish to submit proposals for jobs with a U.S. location requirement.

~ Avery
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The platform can see where your IP is located when you sign up and even in general. If your information seems to be false, it makes sense that a site will verify your information. Aside from that, this is not a "random website", its a professional work platform.  A photo and a phone number are not enough to verify an identity anywhere in the world, and especially not in the United States where you claim to be located. 


Last but not least, you are not being targeted, any user on the platform regardless of location, or age of account is subject to random identity verification checks. You should always read the TOS of any website you plan to use for work purposes, or any purpose.  I have been on the platform for years and have verified my identity twice,  if you are telling the truth, you should not have a problem with it, if you are not, then best to close your account and get a job in your actual location. 

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