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Submitted many proposals but no response

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Nadine S Member Since: Oct 7, 2018
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Hi Eveyone,

So I am fairly new on Upwork and had worked in the past on this platform. Took a break and came back. I got a fixed price offer within 1 week of joining. Since then, I have applied to numerous jobs but there hasn’t been much initiation from the clients. My rate is fairly low, I am a degree holder, I am credentialed as well in my respective field of study. Besides that, I always attach my resume when submitting proposals; despite that no response. My English isn’t weak and I don’t lack experience. I have worked in the real world to jobs I have been applying virtually. Any suggestions? Since I have only worked 2 jobs I do not have a success score yet. Advices or suggestions please. Thanks everyone.
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S. M. Faysal R Member Since: Mar 23, 2018
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Hi Nadine S ! 

Don't be upset and keep patients. The good news is that there are always specific reason for why someone isn't geeting enough jobs in UpWork. As well as specific steps you can take to turn it around and start winning. 

You can spend a ton of time and energy to creating a perfect "Profile" Measuring the number of words of your proposal, learning a new things, and many more. But that's not the fastest way to start winning job.

I Think you can focus on few things that will get you results as early as possible.


#Fix up your Title

#Fix up your photo

#Fix up your proposals

#Fix up your proof

If you have already done work on Up Work, the best place to look for a new work is from your previous clients who already like you and trust you.

Best of luck!!!