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Submitting a proposal - questions and milestones

Hi everyone, I'm new to this platform. I noticed that clients want to know what questions we have when submitting a proposal. And some projects offer payment after milestone (versus at project end), yet requires the person submitting the proposal to also create the milestones, often based on just a few sentences of a project description. As a project manager who used to work for a consulting company, I feel this situation belittles the work done by practice managers, project managers, and business analysts who have the conversations to define scope, priority, requirements, team, tools and process. I'm uncomfortable outlining milestones without proper direction. I see clients with 20+ submissions having the project opened for many days. Might clients just be looking for ideas and free support in this regard? This happens often interviews, so it is not a far reach to imagine it happens here as well. I'm interested in hearing how others have addressed this situation. 

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