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Re: Submitting proposals

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Denise S Member Since: Oct 7, 2016
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Your profile isn't public so I couldn't look at it and give you my suggestions on it - but here are things that helped me get work when I started.

1. I took easy jobs I could do in my sleep, for lower fees than I wanted, to get going and show some Upwork experience with positive feedback and ratings.

2. I chose jobs in which I had a niche - about subjects with which I had experience (i.e. executive summaries, resumes, meditation) and pointed out my experience in those areas.

3. Keep in mind the client only sees the first sentence or two of your cover letter (I've been told), unless they click to read more, so those first words should make them want to open the cover letter and read on.

4. Your cover letter should be customized to the job posting, and, particularly if you're a writer, impeccable.

5. I didn't learn this until later, but if you read the posting and your instinct tells you there's a problem, listen to that instinct. When I don't I end up with problem clients and problem jobs.


I hope this is helpful - good luck! Denise