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Submitting work etiquette

Hi Community


Apologies if this has already been covered but I couldn't find a similar topic in search.


I recently worked on a ppt presentation for a client. The job was split into 3 milestones; first draft, second draft with amendments and final draft each for $30.


After I sent the first ppt draft, the client said the look wasn't what they were after and we both agreed the contract could be closed.


What has been bothering me is that I had sent the client the actual ppt file of a 80% complete presentation and how easily it could be for them to say they didn't like it just to avoid paying for the remaining 2 milestones. There is nothing to stop them from using the work I produced.


So my question is what is best practice when sending original work?

  • I have seen in other discussions it's probably not a good idea to watermark work, these can be easily removed anyway
  • Should I have sent the work as a pdf instead?
  • Is it fine to send the original presentation, e.g. sometimes clients don't like the work and that's just how things are?

Any thoughts/feedback greatly appreciated.

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If you agree to provide a first draft for $30, then that's what you should provide - not a watermarked version or a pdf. It was your choice to do 80% of the work for 1/3 of the total price. And what would you have done if the client had said that he loved the first draft and didn't need any amendments? Then you wouldn't have been paid for the rest of the milestones, either. 


Next time, ask for 80% of the pay to provide the first draft. Or, you could offer to do 3-4 slides for 1/3 of the price and get feedback at that point, instead of doing the whole deck and then finding out that the client doesn't like it.



Thank you - good advice. It's always clearer in hindsight

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