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Subscribing process absolutely sucks.

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Karol K Member Since: Jan 21, 2019
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So I've been filling up my profile. First - problems with image upload "image to small/big", "we can't see Your eyes", and finally some generic error. Then the cropping must be spot on, otherwise can't go beyond that part. Ok, I've managed to upload an image, on to th other things.


Can't for the life of me get my tags accepted, only after third trial autosuggest appears.


Addres part. Somehow an app is trying to rectify it and strips all characters except basic latin. Guys, seriously? It's 2019, UTF-16 can handle 1112064 symbols, and this poor database of Yours goes belly up on a latin extended? 


Application doesn't show any errors, so I click on the review button, and my form is there again, in all its green-white glory. Maybe some error messages? No? Ok, so it's possibly being reviewed by staff.


Only it turns out it is not, and input with cty name is autosuggest, too - with a delay like from here to Mars. And with city names written in engrish. Apparently my city changed its name to "Belchatow" recently.


I take a look at the code. Obviously. Tag soup and angular for the sake of it. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, clashes with browsers autofill, has no error messages and terrible UX. Not UI, because this is actually decent.


Why not hire some of the talented freelancers here abound, to fix this part of the site? A cobbler without shoes?

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Karol,


I'm sorry to hear about the problems you had while creating your profile on Upwork. Regarding the issues you've had with uploading your photo, sometimes all the necessary facial features might not be recognized due to part of the face being shaded or when a person is facing the sun and squinting as the result.


I'll share your feedback with the team regarding requesting enabling special characters and issues with adding tags and using the Review Application button. I wasn't able to replicate the latter problems.