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Suggestion about Payment Methods - Bank VS Payoneer

Dear Upwork Community Good Evening! Smiley Tongue

I would like to have suggestions about two different payment methods.

My currency is EUR and I would like to receive suggestions from European Freelancers.


Starting from June 2020 I have continued to receive payments to my local bank account, but I am considering the Payoneer option. I read on some threads that you get better currency exchange. Have any of you experienced in this? Some advice?


Thanks so much for your help. Smiley Tongue

Community Member

Good evening Community 🙂
Actually I didn't receive any feedback about this topic.

Anyone experienced Payoneer payment in EU? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot for your time. Marco

Hi Marco,


You can use any payment method available in your location to withdraw your earnings. If you are looking into either using Payoneer or Direct to local bank transfers, both will be subjected to different timings and fees. I'd recommend checking the following help article to learn more: 


I'm sure other community members would be happy to share more information that can help you decide which one would be the best option for you. 

~ Joanne
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