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Sunday = Spam day: BEWARE!

For those who have just started using Upwork, please be advised that most of the jobs offered on Upwork on Sundays are scams - at least in the translation sector. Keep in mind that in many countries companies are closed on Sunday and will not be using Upwork.


This is the easiest way to spot the scams:


. the client has not spent any money on Upwork or may have spent 5 or 10 dollars paid to an accomplice.

. the client's offer doesn't make much sense or includes spelling/English mistakes.

. sometimes, the client has copied another job offer to sound more professional. In this case, check whether he's using a VPN.

. the client is using a VPN. When you check the real time in the time zone he's pretending to be in and the real time there, it doesn't mach.

. if you are naive enough to send a proposal, the client will likely ask you to contact him directly, which is NOT ALLOWED on Upwork AND COULD GET YOU IN TROUBLE.


Sunday is not a good day to look for a job,  you'll probably be better off working on your profile and learning about how ot use Upwork.


You can also flag job posts that look like scams. All you have to do is click on the title of the job. Then you click on "Flag as inappropriate" on the top right of the page. Then you choose the option "Job post looks like a scam or contains a suspicious link" and "Submit". The post will not be immediately erased, but that way, you will have used your time on Upwork to help other freelancers.

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Thanks for your advice. Really helpful for me!

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Yes, you are saying true. Thank you

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By the way, Saturday too is Spam Day! I just had a look at the translation jobs offered, nothing but spam. If you're into helping the community, have a go, just flag the jobs that look like spam! As I wrote last week, "All you have to do is click on the title of the job. Then you click on "Flag as inappropriate" on the top right of the page. Then you choose the option "Job post looks like a scam or contains a suspicious link" and "Submit". The post will not be immediately erased, but that way, you will have used your time on Upwork to help other freelancers."

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It's important for freelancers using platforms like Upwork to be cautious and vigilant when looking for job opportunities, as there can be scams and fraudulent postings. While the information you've provided contains some useful tips for spotting potential scams, it's also important to note that not all job postings on Sundays or with certain characteristics are scams. Here are some points to consider:

1. New Clients: Some legitimate clients may be new to Upwork, and they may not have spent a lot of money on the platform yet. It's not uncommon for new clients to start with smaller projects to test the waters.

2. Poorly Written Job Descriptions: While poorly written job descriptions can be a red flag, not all clients are proficient in English, and this might not necessarily indicate a scam. It's a good practice to clarify any uncertainties with the client before making assumptions.

3. VPN Usage: Some legitimate clients may use VPNs for security and privacy reasons, and not all VPN users are involved in scams. However, it's a good idea to be cautious when dealing with clients who seem to be hiding their location.

4. Contacting Outside of Upwork: As you mentioned, communicating outside of Upwork is against their terms of service and can potentially result in account suspension. Freelancers should always communicate through the platform to maintain a record of their interactions.

5. Flagging Scam Jobs: Flagging suspicious job postings is a responsible action to help maintain the integrity of the platform and protect other freelancers. This can assist Upwork in identifying and taking action against fraudulent job posts.

In general, freelancers should exercise due diligence and follow their instincts when evaluating job opportunities on platforms like Upwork. Researching clients, thoroughly reading job descriptions, and communicating through the platform are good practices to ensure a safe and productive freelancing experience.


Malik, I first thougth that you wrote a bit like a machine.

Now, I've seen that you are into using that Chat GPT BS (pardon my French) to participate to the forum. Please don't do that, it just makes you look weird.

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It's not yet Sunday here, but scammers are active on Upwork. Please beware of them, and please flag the jobs that look like scams.

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2024 is much like 2023. Lots of scam jobs, and on week-ends, mostly scam jobs available.


Scammers have recently found a new technique: they offer jobs "for beginners". Why beginners? Because they know most beginners don't know how to spot a scam job and don't bother to learn Upwork rules before they start being active on Upwork.


If you want to be scammed, just go on, waste your connects responding to scammers. If you prefer not to be scammed, beware, read the advice available on Upwork in order to spot and avoid scam jobs. And remember, most real clients don't post jobs during the week-end.

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OMG I just encountered one!!! He's asking me for a "refundable" registration fee before the contract signing. Thanked God I read some few posts here related to job post scamming. Thank you so much for this helpful tip!

So glad you have common sense, Jamille! Beware of all jobs by clients that have not spent any money or only 10/5 dollars. That's the easiest way to spot scammers.

I guess all those jobs lead to the same group of people, in the same country, who ask for a refundable registration fee. They pretend to be from various countries, most of them are using VPNs.

Sunday again, lots of so called "job posts" are there to lure newbies. Don't get caught by the scammers!

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