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Suspicious interview?

Hello! I'm new to Upwork, and I believe my first interview was a scam and went against the terms of service...

I sent in a proposal and was invited to an immediate interview through an app called Telegram. Most of the questions were pretty normal, but I noticed conflicting details about the position the "HR manager" was describing during the interview vs the job posting. The random promise of receiving a full office setup and the rate of pay going from below $20 to $30 per hour was also incredibly suspicious. Then the person left before the interview concluded, and came back two hours later to tell me I needed to report back to the app today to see if I received the job, but I think it might be best to delete the app and withdraw my proposal. I looked into the helpful threads here afterwards and it definitely seems like a scam. Fortunately no personal info was shared, except for my telephone number since that is how Telegram operates (through your phone number).

Is it best to withdraw a proposal in this situation? I'm not entirely sure how to move forward with this. I know now that all communication is supposed to be done through Upwork until a contract has been made. I will be more careful with future proposals and interview offers and keep everything within Upwork. Thank you for reading.
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Retired Team Member

Hi Elizabeth, 


Our team will reach out to you via ticket where you can share more evidence with us. Our team will also investigate the client further and will take proper actions.

I can also recommend to check out this Post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs. Thank you.

~ Goran

Alright! Thank you for the quick reply

Elizabeth, FYI any communication off the Upwork platform before you're hired is against the TOS.  Upwork has chat, telephone and Zoom options within the platform.  Scammers want to lure you in without leaving a record with Upwork.  HR really isn't a thing when you are freelancing...

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