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Switched from client to freelancer- account suspended

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Ann Ragan K Member Since: Sep 13, 2020
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Hi All,


I'm hoping someone can help me here. I am new to UpWork and  I have searched through the community posts about account suspensions but could not find answers for my case.  I also have not been able to find a contact number to speak to an UpWork representative.


In June I signed up for an UpWork Plus account as a client and I had someone from UpWork create my business website for me.  I closed my UpWork Plus account in August as my project was completed and I was not in need of the UpWork Plus services, I thought this meant that my account was closed too. 


For extra income, I wanted to offer my services as a freelancer and figured since I was registered as a client and thought my account was deleted, I made a new account because I did not know I could switch my profile from a client to a freelancer. Now that I have gone through and read the community posts and also some articles online, I found out that you can't have multiple accounts on UpWork. I had no idea that I violated a term unknowingly and I will make sure not to repeat that again.  I have a few questions

  • Is there anyway to not have my account suspended as I unknowingly made this mistake?
  • How do I switch from a client to a freelancer in my account?

Thanks all!



Ann Ragan

Luiggi R Moderator Member Since: Jul 3, 2020
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Hi Ann,


Thanks for bringing this up to our attention. You did well in researching, as having multiple accounts is indeed a serious violation of the Upwork Terms of Service. In this case, you have the ability to close your account as a freelancer and open a freelancer profile from your client account by following the steps outlined in this help article. Hope this helps!


Thank you.

~ Luiggi