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Take Care! Do not be cheated again by this freelancer!

Hello everybody,


I'm new one in Upwork platform. I hire a freelancer and cheated! Here I want to share the experience and remind new ones. Do not be cheated again!


The freelancer **Edited for Community Guidelines** with profile doing wordpress website buidling. I hire him to do 4 pages website building. Before signing contract, **Edited for Community Guidelines** is very confident and promised he could do ALL, no problem! And I trust him and ready to hire **Edited for Community Guidelines** (the same person). We both agree it's fixed-price job $500. But **Edited for Community Guidelines** deceived me sign hourly contract to help him improve the profile and get more orders and promised to refund me extra money if exceed $500. I'm kind-heart and did. During the process, based on **Edited for Community Guidelines** work, I sent feedback, he always replied ok, got it, or I will change it soon. If you believe and patient wait him, you're wrong. Unfortunately, you never see the change. He never reach out to you and never positive feedback the project status. Unless you trace him, he is always delay, today, tomorrow, in fact nothing do and full of excuse! I'm so angry and not happy his work attitude! Two weeks passed, he only do 1 page without content, without design layout, without SEO-Friendly! It's totally waste my time and project! As a professional website builder, what are you doing 2 weeks only do 1 page with bad quality? If such rubbish level, why I hire you? Very NOT Professional! And very Bad Service! 


So, I'm extremely not satisfied with him, and want to stop contract. During the time, **Edited for Community Guidelines** only work 5 days / 20 hours, Upwork escrow automatically took my money $1001.67 to him. I discussed with him, offer him $100 for his effort and please refund me $400 + extra fee $500. **Edited for Community Guidelines** deny everything and reject to refund my money. He said he finished 80% work. OMG, are you kidding me? 1 page = 80%?  Then you want ALL my money? All are copy other website and just a simple frame! What else are you doing? The extra fee $500, **Edited for Community Guidelines** also own and deny previous promise! Attached picture for review.


This is my first time use Upwork, really frustrating situation. I spent $1000 not get the value of my work, also waste my time, and delay my business. It's a BIG LOST! But the freelancer hold ALL my money happily. Do NOT trust him, **Edited for Community Guidelines**is a faker. Do NOT be kind-heart like me, **Edited for Community Guidelines** will never change and always delay. NEVER GIVE HIM CHANCE!


I tried to apply for dispute in Upwork. But I found I'm too young. The Upwork's policy is not what we imaging. Their specilist inform both to provide evidence, but in fact fully not listen and look. And then they will tell you can't help and directly close the dispute. Even in my case, it's obviously not fair for me, obviously it's the freelancer's trick, and I provide the evidence about the agreement for the extra fee, Upwork totally not care and still judge the freelancer win and get all the money. Amazing! My last question is for my last salary $200, escrow still autmatically bill my money to the freelancer. It's in dispute, and I wrote email 3 times to remind Upwork specilist please stop the function because I already paid too much. But no one reply me and still did! So I lost more money! For my questions, later their specilist directly relied me do not offer any support any more ! I'm so dissappointed! I don't want to use Upwork! My purpose to login Upwork is to finish my project, but NOT and lost money, also fair! 


Here kind remind, don't be kind-heart to sign hourly contract and trust the freelancer's promise, it's full of risk, if it's fixed-price job in fact. Because you don't know what they're thinking and Upwork will seriously judge based on contract type and their policy, not others. For hourly contract, If you feel something not good, please stop the contract immediately, DO NOT be patient to trust and wait them. If it's fixed-price job, suggest you could start at a small part $50 to test the freelancer's reliable and professional. If ok, then $100 another part, if all ok, could consider cooperate. This will reduce losing much money risk.


Above is my unfortunate experience and outcome. Really I'm sad, but I still need to move forward. And I want to do something for contribution new comer. 


Take Care Everybody! DO NOT WORK WITH THIS FREELANCER **Edited for Community Guidelines**. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! PLEASE GO AWAY RIGHT NOW and find a suitable one!


Best Regards



 **Edited for Community Guidelines**



I'm really sorry that happened to you. Any time a freelancer asks the client to do something to improve their profile, that's a huge red flag. It should only be great feedback the freelancer should be concerned about. It's not true that recording hours is good the the rating, btw. 

Since the freelancer is not top-rated, he has no way to remove the review you are going to leave on his profile, which I hope will describe your experience as you did here. That is a part of making the platform more transparent and safer for everybody. 

What a pity I missed the opportunity to leave feedback on his profile. All closed! You're right, it should be transparent and safe for everybody. Is there any good way to try again and leave on his profile?

Hi Claire,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about your recent experience with a freelancer. I see that you are already communicating with our support tickets via a ticket here. One of our team members will reach out to you as soon as possible to assist you further. Also, I noticed that you have already left feedback for the freelancer as seen here. If you would like to change the feedback, your freelancer will need to enable the change feedback option for you. 


Thank you.



You Upwork always reply like this friendly, there will be someone come back to you. But in fact till now I not get any assist! Or then they inform me can't help or not offer any support any more?! I never see a platform so bad service!


The freelancer's profile close my feedback option, so I can't write the truth experience. I want to share here to remind everybody and keep safe, but you always hide the name. Then the freelancer got the money and good reputation, still in the platform and continue cheat other guys. Is Upwork want and provide good service? How should we trust Upwork?

Hi Claire,


I understand this must be a very frustrating situation for you and I'm really sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Please know that public accusations of misconduct or wrongdoing are against the Community Guidelines. Posting in the Community forums is not the course of action to report violations.


Rest assured, we have escalated your concern to the highest level of support available and they are the ones reaching out to you now. 


now? A few days passed, I still not receive any reply, nor any contact from Upwork...

Lol, then where is the right place? Because you have 0 lines of communication to contact an actual support agent. 



re: "Is there any good way to try again and leave on his profile?"


Yes. Here is how you can change your feedback:


It's a huge help! Thank you Preston.

But why I not see "Include closed contracts"? Could you please show me picture or other way?

Much Appreciated!

Claire, you will NOT be able to leave feedback for the freelancer unless the freelancer allows you to do so, and they obviously won't. So trying to look for that function is just a waste of your time.


There is no other way and speaking to support won't change that fact.




**Edited for Community Guidelines** 

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