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Tax information setting

Hi, I'want o konw what should i select in the tax information W-9 section. I'm an italian Citizen, i always lived in Italy and all my family is italian and i have a regular job here (NO VAT), but i was Bord in US, i've got a SSN and i provide FATCA documents every years for US tax check. I never worked in/for US and i never earn money there.

thank you

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Francesca,

In your case you should fill out our W8 form as a Non-US citizen since you`re living in Italy and you will be reporting your earnings in Italy and not US. Before filling out the form please consult with a local tax specialist about this and on how to report your earnings. Thank you!

~ Goran

I will, thank you, but i'm reporting earningd to US too, becaouse i've to even if i don't earn enything there.