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The city I live in is different than where I work....

I've just created a profile as a freelancer and can see a problem as to how my potential clients can find me. I live in a small city next to a larger metro area. I'm a videographer and clients hire predominantly by location. Clients will not be searching for videographers in the small city I live in, but the larger metro area. It appears that I don't show up in searches for the larger city. How can I associate my account to the larger metro area?


Hi Neil,


Thank you for your message. If you want to attract more clients on Upwork, you need to make sure your profile is accurate and trustworthy. A good tip is to include the name of a big city name in your profile title and overview, especially if you live in a smaller town or a remote area. This way, you can appear in the search results of clients who are looking for freelancers in that city.


- Pradeep

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I have a similar issue as Neil in living in a small town next to a metropolitan area. I would feel safer not having my small town listed. I don't mind Upwork admin having my location, but I am really uncomfortable with it being listed in my profile. My services are fully remote, so location is not even a factor. I'd rather have no location listed than have my town listed. Security should be considered. Thank you for your attention to this problem.

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