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The client not responding After I done the work

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Nazia Rahman U Member Since: Sep 17, 2017
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Hello friends, I need help i got one job for 3D modeling and rendering i have submitted several work to client he make first payment but after first payment i have submitted many more work to client. After I done the work, the clients said that he's busy and will look later, than didn't answer at all. Its almost 10 month now he is not responding to massages , not making any payment , even not closing or ending the contract. What can i do ?
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Filip K Member Since: May 22, 2017
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Hi Nazia,


I see that you have only one active job, at 3 dollars per hour, with billed 1 hour and 50 dollars. If you billed only one hour (3 dollars) but you earned 53 dollars, it seems the client has sent you a 50 dollar bonus. So probably in the client's mind the job is already done. 

If they don't answer you anymore, there is nothing you can do.

If they didn't pay you, you should contact Upwork support.

What I don't understand is that you took an hourly contract, and you say you sent the client work and then some more and more work, why did you bill only one hour?

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Michael S Member Since: Aug 29, 2017
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If this was fixed price, was there an active, fully funded milestone for the work you submitted? Did you then submit that work using the "Submit Work And Request Payment" button? If it was hourly, did you track your time with the desktop app, and include meaningful notes for the hours logged?


If so, you would have been automatically paid, and whether the client was too busy to check the work or not would make no difference.


As it's been 10 months, it means you're likely working without a milestone or logging any hours, or even an active contract, and have been providing free work to the client. This would not be covered under any sort of payment protection.


Petra's got a nifty little flowchart explaining things. I'm sure she'll come along and post that soon. It's a pretty handy little graphic.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "...Its almost 10 month now he is not responding to massages, not making any payment..."


10 months? That is a long time.


I have a term I apply to Upwork clients who owe me money for work I did more than a month ago. I call them:


"People who do not owe me money."



When we use Upwork properly, we get paid for our work within three weeks... even if the clients do respond. Learn from your mistakes and don't make those same mistakes again. This work from 10 months ago? Let that go. Don't try to get paid for it. This is holding you back.

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Nazia Rahman U Member Since: Sep 17, 2017
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Yeah i know its my mistake i didn't track time because contract about to chage to fix payment.
As i submitted my first work and he paid 50$ as bonus and said he will change the contract to fix soon when he will get time to sit on desktop he was unable to change contract from mobile. 
I trust him Smiley Sad 
No problem Wish me luck so i can do good from next time.