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The feed does not showing any new jobs.

Hello, I am facing some problems with my feed page, when I refresh the page they show 1-day or 2 days old job proposals not show new job proposals please help me.



Hi Ihtesham,


The jobs showing on "My Feed" are based on the filters of your Saved Search. This means that when you search for jobs and save them, our system will remember the criteria you've chosen and will try to suggest the nearest jobs you've saved and searched.

However, if there is none saved, it will be based on your categories. Since categories are broad ( ie: Engineering has many kinds), the system may give you many skills that are not exactly relevant to what you want to see (but in a way related such as programming, you may also see jobs related to designs or animation which are not the same but can be related).

I highly suggest that you start manually searching and saving projects from time to time. However, we would like to set your expectation that the effect will not be immediate as it also takes some time to fetch the results.

~ Luiggi
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