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Re: The worst client you can imagine

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Renata D wrote:

Hi, I am super new to Upwork and I guess Its just my luck - I got the worst client in the world to be my first client. I accepted to do logo, watermark, landing page and signature for almost free just because Im very new here(I have 10 years of experiance in Graphic Design).
They blackmail me with not accepting the payment request submition with endlessss revisions. So far we did over 30 revisions, and its all just- Hmm, I wonder how its in this colour, and how its will look if... THEY HAVE NO IDEA what they want and now demending 5 different styles of the logo, 5 different watermarks - all for the same price and due day is today. Aaa and they didnt answer my messags 3 days. 
I dont want to cancel because I have already sent them so many files and they took so much of my time - basicly for free! 
What kind of protection there is here for freelacers? This is pure torture.

Protect yourself upfront from the very start, by clearly stating contract terms in your bids. Such as one of the most important factors - the number of revisions you're willing to do. Make that very clear in the interview stage.

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Irene T Member Since: May 25, 2020
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I feel you Renata,

I’m in the same situation now. I’ve recently taken a “quick” job, with an obviously low fixed rate, but I decided to invest in getting more feedbacks, as the project was easy anyway (layout, formatting&converting several files). 

Requirements were pretty vague, so before accepting I asked various questions about the client's expectations/ special requests, etc. No special requirements were verbalized, so we agreed that I’d send a sample next morning for approval/requests to process the entire batch later that day.

The sample was submitted, and the only response was if I can prepare 1 more document after finishing these at no charge..

Having no other comments on the sample sent, I assumed it’s approved and sent the whole batch. 

After that, the torture started: having all files done, the client popped up with a whole list of requests, not verbalized before, to be implemented (fonts, size, layout changed, add this/remove that) which basically meant to start from the beginning.

Moreover, turned out, she was expecting me to rewrite the text (never mentioned before). At this point, I politely explained that it’s not my specialization, and this is a separate copywriting project that needs to be done by a professional. 

She agreed and after a few days - once again I prepared the files from scratch with a new text she provided. But from that moment she started to send me additional “editing requests" pointing out "this IS my specialization”, popping up with new ideas, again and again, and again…

Many times I just wanted to end the contract as it was real torture but decided to finish this to stay a professional anyway and as I’ve already spent days for the project of several hours in a normal case.

After another round of requests, she disappeared for a week so I finally submitted work for payment, in an hour received more requests, and resubmitted again, now it’s almost a week of silence since then and I only hope there’ll be no response till 2 weeks pass so I can forget about this “quick” project which is 2.5 weeks long as of today.

At least I’ve learned the importance of articulating what is included in the rate from the very beginning for my future contracts.