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This terrible system won't recognize my address

Hi, first time using Upwork and God willing the last. 


I'm trying to enter my home address into my profile and instead of accepting the city in which I live, it's autopopulating my home county - which is incorrect. Who can fix this? I've been enjoying watching the "Get Help" button disappear as I try to click on it for the last 15 minutes. 

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Hi Diana,

 I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having with entering your address.

I've requested that one of our agents get in touch with you directly to help assist with this issue and you'll be hearing from them very soon.

Regarding your 'Get Help' button not working, please clear your cache and cookies which should resolve the problem. If the issue persists, let us know and we'll assist further.


I've already done that and was told by email/community posting to submit a new ticket. It won't provide a ticket form and instead prompts me to make *another* Community posting. 


I've spent more time trying to get this ridiculous system to accept my address than I spent on the article I was hired through Upwork to write. 


I can confirm that one of our agents has already reached out to you via an email support ticket to assist you with your address issue, and you should also be able to access the ticket here.


I responded to this email asking for help as i had hoped i would hear back from support for the problem i am having.  Please advise. Thank you

P.S.  I cropped the photo leaving all corners in so hopefully this can be resolved. 

Hi Rose Marie,

Please try clearing your cache and cookies or accessing your account via an alternate browser to see if you are still experiencing the issue with your get help button disappearing, as unfortunately I was not able to replicate the issue from my end and it may be isolated to the browser you're using. However I have requested that one of our agents reach out to you to assist you with verifying your passport. Thanks!


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  • I am having the same type of problem as the system states that it does not recognize the photo of my United States passport.  Also trying to click on the instantly disappearing green Get Help button.  Seems the trick is to click on my name then jump down to catch the button.  There seems to be a problem with submitting the individual help support bar.  Can anyone there help us?
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