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I want to ask about the Timesheet. I am currently doing a job on upwork and in proposal it was set to 30 $ per hour . My job is to run Facebook ads and for this we have to pay to facebook aswell. So the client has paid me 1000$ so far through upwork, I havent recieved that amount yet . Upwork says that I will get the money on Monday. Now I wanted to ask that there is this option of Timesheet on upwork , Am I suppose to set anything up on that , like the time or anything else, I havent touched that yet. Will the upwork pay me the ammount even if i dont have anything setup in timesheet?

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1. If you have an hourly contract, you need to record your time working.

2. If you have received a payment, wait until it is IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT before you spend any money for the client. Generally, it is not a good idea to buy something for the client, whatever it might be. Let the client do these purchases directly. 

3. If the client suddenly finds he overpaid you or wants his money back via paypal or something, don't do it. Only ever refund on upwork.

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