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Tips for finding that first job

Hi all,


Welcome to the Upwork Community! We know landing that first contract can be challenging, so we built Upwork Academy and threads like this to help you get started. With a lot of resources and so little time, we wanted to put together some recommendations for you to check out first:



Do you have a specific question or maybe a tip to offer? Reply to this post and share your question, advice, or words of inspiration!


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Hi all,

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Thank you!


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Im new here, help check my profile if it is intact. And advice on how to go about getting a job.


Thank you. 

Hi Abdulkadir,


Welcome to the exciting world of the Upwork Community! This is where you can hang out with like-minded folks, ask and answer questions, explore hot topics, and keep up with the latest buzz on Upwork.
And that's not all! The Community is also your chance to give us feedback on what you love and want to see more of. We're all ears, so don't be shy!
But before we get carried away, let's start with the basics. Check out these excellent Upwork Academy courses to help kickstart your Upwork journey:
And if that's not enough, you can also sign up for upcoming events and webinars that are sure to boost your success on Upwork.
So get ready to have some fun and learn a lot. We hope you find these online resources super helpful. Let's rock this Upwork journey together!
~ Joanne
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yess I am finding work so plz help me


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Hello, my name is Shubham Pathak, and I'm hoping to find my first client for video editing. If you could give me some feedback on my profile, that would be great.


I would suggest viewing UpWork's academy videos of New to Upwork 101 and 102. All answers are there and more to help newcomers. I have been in UpWork for 7+ years. 

Also, I believe Hugo and Clark in another thread would not mind reviewing your expertise in your profile. 

They are representatives at UpWork and would do best to offer you great feedback.

Hello Humans!
I am Muhammad Saqlain a data scientist. I need someone to help me out and basically, I want him/her as my Advisor/Mentor who guides me here on upwork to win my first job quickly.

"God helps those who help themselves"

How do I get a job on upwork? 💬👥

Hey Upwork community, I've been working hard for 6 months to secure my first job here, but it's been a tough journey. With 5 years of experience in SEO and blogging outside Upwork, I'm eager to make a breakthrough. I believe Upwork is the perfect platform to showcase my skills and collaborate with amazing clients.

I'm reaching out to ask for your support and advice. If you've faced similar challenges or have tips on how to stand out, I'm all ears! Let's create a positive, supportive environment where we help each other succeed. Together, we can overcome obstacles and achieve freelancing success!


Here is my Upwork profile: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01410e3e01ab6d1d5e


#Upwork #FreelancerLife #SEOExpert #BloggingPro #HelpMeGetHired

I have the same question. I have many years of experience in presentation design, pitch decks and transforming research data into winning presentations.  I have had several Fortune 500 clients over the years, but am just starting doing freelance work.

I would be interested to hear any gips to get those first few clients.

Looking forward to someone who could help us.

I am new here please guide me.

I am new too, Please be consistance not lose hope.

share your positive stories for motivation that how you get your first project from this platform ?


I want help on how to win my first project

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My suggestions from my experience working at Upwork for 13 years now. I can say that Upwork has changed in the last 1–2 years, there are fewer invitations to real jobs, more connects needed to apply and a lot of scammers, so:


  • Don't search jobs only directly at “Find Work”. Go to the “Search for job” space to apply “Filters”.
  • One of them is “Payment verified” (although today there are scammers with payment verified and Upwork is not checking it, it could help).
  • Other Filter is “Client history. Check if he posted other jobs, if he hired other freelancers, feedbacks, etc.   
  • Check the Date since the client is a member. Usually the scammers are members from the same day they post their jobs, and they didn't hire anyone. 
  • ALWAYS when applying for a job, even a real job, check the client's profile and feedbacks
  • DON'T BID for jobs that ask for +20, +40 languages translation, or they publish a list of 15 languages, or invitations too good to be trueeven when they have their payment verified. Scammers sometimes verify their payment from different countries every day. 
  • APPLY TO JOBS THAT FIT YOUR SKILLS. Don't apply to 100 jobs, wasting connects and money. 
  • DON'T APPLY and don't contact if they publish a link (telegram, mail, skype, etc.) outside Upwork.  
  • DON'T start working or deliver any work if the contract didn't start for Upwork, and until the client has his payment verified and/or the money funded (specially if it's your first work with this client). 
  • DON'T BOOST YOUR BIDS. When you do it, you are paying to Upwork for finding a job instead of earning money from your work. Serious clients will find the best options according to your skills and not according to the amount of bids you use.  And, maybe, this way Upwork will stop doing business by selling connects, and perhaps they will avoid scammers. And we will find more real and good clients. 

Hi! I âm new on upwork. Can you guys please review my profile and suggest me some tips for better working.

Hey, i am new on upwork too, I have checked your portfolio and copied your profile adress to give the upwork algorithm a little point. Can you do me a favor and do the same and tell me what do you think about it?
As your portfolio, Maybe you should make an introduction video and show some older works as a proof of concept. I don't experienced in your area so my review is limited.

Sure. Thank you for your review.

You're welcome :))

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I'm looking for the first job for initiating my career as a freelancer. I'm an English language teacher in my country. Thus I have experience of writing essays and speeches on any particular topic with the help of research as well as I'm really good at analysing content and proofreading.


Is there anyone who can help me winning my first job ?

I'm urging you to write feedback on my profile, so I can make my profile better and win the work .


Thank you .





I would suggest viewing UpWork's academy videos of New to Upwork 101 and 102. All answers are there and more to help newcomers. I have been in UpWork for 7+ years. 

Also, I believe Hugo and Clark in another thread would not mind reviewing your expertise in your profile. 

They are representatives at UpWork and would do best to offer you great feedback.

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First of all, hello to everyone reading this message, I'm Hakkı. I am an engineer who has been professionally doing graphic design in various fields for 4-5 years. I shared the designs I made before and on other platforms except upwork on my profile. I just started finding my customers in digital environments. I would be grateful if you could help me find clients.


I would suggest viewing UpWork's academy videos of New to Upwork 101 and 102. All answers are there and more to help newcomers. I have been on UpWork for 7+ years.

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Good day! 


I hold licenses as a financial counselor, an assistant unit manager, a bookkeeper, and an experienced accounting clerk. I would be happy to serve as anyone's Accountant on the Go. I am a newbie to this platform but I a'm willing to work for anyone for FREE for 2-3 days to first explore upwork platform. Then, once the client evaluated my work, he/she can decide whether to continue working with me for a fair price. 

I already sent several proposals for FREE, but until now I don't receive any signs of acceptance. Can you help me get my first client so he/she can help me build my profile as well. Thanks a lot! 

Newbie freelancer 

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I am a newbie to this platform and hoping to land a project/job soon. ❤️ I am hopeful and excited at the same time. 

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As a new member on Upwork, I must admit that I've encountered challenges in finding clients. Despite my best efforts and eagerness to start working, the initial phase has been met with disappointment as I struggle to secure projects. The lack of client responses or invitations can be disheartening and make me question my abilities. It feels like being stuck in a loop of uncertainty, trying to figure out what I might be doing wrong or what steps I should take next. However, I understand that building a client base takes time and perseverance. I am determined to learn from this experience, adapt my strategies, and continue honing my skills to increase my chances of finding clients and establishing a successful freelance career on Upwork.

hi! I came across a profile of this new Upworker by chance, following her practical tips enabled me to earn my first $100. go through her posts and who knows you might get benefitted
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Hello, I'm Vanessa, a mother who is currently at home and searching for additional sources of income. I am open to receiving training of that helps yo your company and have previous experience as a Technical Support Representative. Additionally, I am familiar with website management as I assist in handling our own website. At the moment, I am in great need of extra income. Any work will do, im willing to be trained. 

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**bleep**, am stuck, buying connect and submitting proposals for AWS Cloud DevOps Role.

What am I not doing right, it's kind of frustrating..



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Hello and Good day! I am Kristine, a Senior High Graduate and is looking for extra income since I am an Incoming Freshman this year. I am very lost and confuse on how things here work, I need help or atleast someone to guide me on the way. I can proudly say that I can do things such as Manage, Assist and offer skills that I have but I don't know where to start and very scared to try. Please please help me, I am also willing to be thought any new kind of skills and I am a fast learner and is pretty good in communicating. 

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Kristine, I am afraid Upwork is not the right place for you, if you do not have solid and well-defined skills. This is not a platform where you can learn how to do something.


You say you are scared to try, and you should be, but for a different reason: this platform is full of scammers and you might fall into their traps if you are not careful. Please follow these links before deciding to do anything on Upwork. Stay safe.




Top Red Flags for Scams: From Community Membe... - Upwork Community


To all freelancers looking for help - Upwork Community

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Thank you for your input
i am also new here
but I have experience working in corporate companies for 15 years
does the experience here help?

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Experience and marketable skills are the starting point. Please follow the 3 links above.

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Hi, all.

I am new to here.

I want to get a better job.

How can I get a better job?

What is the secret?

Kindly tell me about it.


First, put some portfolio work on your profile.

What is next?

Fill out your profile to 100%, then apply for jobs. Don't worry about the pay for your first job, worry about the review that they will leave. Once you get a good review, it'll become easier. Make sure you understand how the platform works completely in the mean time. Don't get taken advantage of.

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How can I get my first job on Upwork?

I have already completed making my profile. I have also submitted some proposals.

What shall I do next to get the first job?

Please give me some tips.

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