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Tips for finding that first job

Hi all,


Welcome to the Upwork Community! We know landing that first contract can be challenging, so we built Upwork Academy and threads like this to help you get started. With a lot of resources and so little time, we wanted to put together some recommendations for you to check out first:



Do you have a specific question or maybe a tip to offer? Reply to this post and share your question, advice, or words of inspiration!


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Kindly explain the project catalogs 

Hi Naveed,


Thank you for reaching out and raising this query. Project Catalog is where you let clients come to you. When you create a project, it displays as a listing that clients can open to learn more. Clients find you by searching for the skills and services you offer. Prospective clients can easily browse projects, discover the details, message you with questions, and start working with you—all directly from your project.


You can learn more about Project Catalog in this help article to help you decide if creating one fits your interests.


~ Arjay
Community Member

Hey I'm new to Upwork. I'm interested in content writing and promoting small businesses but unfortunately i have no experience so far and I don't know how to make work samples without getting any actual work. Any tips on improving my profile are welcome. Kindly guide me how to build a portfolio as a beginner and land my frst job.

Community Member

Hey guys! i have been in Upwork since 2022 and until now i didn´t find my first job, can you guys please help me?, i have a Microsoft Office Specialist Master 


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I am a content writer. please job.


Community Member

hi all i hope you are fine.this is my first time to join this work and idon't have experience i need support from u

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Tell me tips to find job.

Hi Jarvis,


Welcome to the Upwork Community! The Upwork Community is where you can ask and answer questions, search for topics, learn, network with members, and get updates about Upwork.
Let’s get you started with the basics here at Upwork. Below are a few Upwork Academy courses to help you get started:
You can also sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork.
The Community is also where members can share feedback on existing features and suggestions for new features. If you have ideas on how we can improve your experience on Upwork, the Community is a great place to share them!
We hope you find these online resources helpful in your Upwork journey.
~ Joanne
Community Member

Hello there,


I'm finding it hard to get views on my profile. I've implemented quite a number of suggestions, such as; turning on the availability badge, suggestions from Upwork academy, sending job proposals while following suggestions from Upwork academy on creating proposals that win works (very informative).


I've been really patient, but I've seen little to no progress. Are there other suggestions I can implement or corrections I can make? I believe if my profile is been viewed enough, I'll eventually start getting steady jobs.


Hoping to get a response,



Community Member

Hi Everyone, 

I'm new here and I don't know how to start or find a job. Can anyone give me some advice on how to do it? I'm open to doing basic tasks like data entry.

La Htoi
Community Member

Dear Pradeep,

I have applied for many proposals and hardly I am getting any projects out of those proposals.. please help me or provide some leads or some freelancers who are flooded with lots work so that I can support them and earn some money.. please help me out

thank you in advance and have a great day



Shaik Mushtaq

Community Member

Hello Im new to Upwork. Some suggestions to where can I start. What possible steps would I take to become a virtual assistant?

Community Member

I'm health instructor and freelancer i need help to get his first work

Community Member

Im new to upwork but i have learned much more things due to upwork community.But i think i should learn more to do a good job.i don't want to have interviews cause i can't attend.i can do my work passionately. I need a job .will you help?

Community Member

Hi this is my first profile on upwork 

Just help me out. I want data entry works


Community Member

Why still i did not get client.?

Community Member

I haven't any job yet please help he . How do I get job in Upwork?

Community Member

Hey everyone


I have recently tried Upwork for fun to do a few projects. I have worked as a Software Engineer for 10+ years at top companies like Google and have an MSc from a top 10 university in the world.


I applied to various projects here, including ones paying a fixed 20 USD amount, I do not care too much how much the job pays but I want to see a bit how work is done as a freelancer.


My question: Why the hell I cannot find a job here even when I am offering my working hours for free? I would normally get 150-300 USD per hour and somehow Upwork generates 0 views for my profile, even if I boost my application to fixed budget bugfixing job postings that pay 20 USD for 3 hours of work.


Is something wrong with my profile? Or do I need to do something differently? I only got a single response where I made a bid of 150 USD / hour and do not really understand why people do not view my proposal when I bid like 10 USD per hour.



Consider reducing the hourly rate to $50 and stick to that rate until you get some reviews. Use two Skills in the Title, write four compelling paragraphs for the Summary, add your Portfolio, and add a Project Catalog.

Community Member

I'm a Radio Operator with almost 10 years experienced in offshore projects. As part of role position is coordinate person, translate documents and meetings and ensure that every operation is safe and following legislations. Internal and external communication. Transmission and reception of documentation. Administer discipline to be followed. Support employees to fill up documents. Attendance of emergency communication in case of distress and emergencies. Ensure that work is performed safely and responsibly in accordance with requirement determination. Inform management regarding relevant improvements. Attend meetings of safety, waste management, emergency procedures and recovery performance. Report improvements necessity to management and collaborate with. Translate documents and meetings. In charge of communication with oil recovery and supply vessels. Music producer. Dishwasher. Photographer. Traveller. Helicopter landing officer.



Please click the Academy link on the top of this page to learn how to best use the site.

Community Member

Hi, I'm Piyali. I'm a new freelancer.Hope y'll are doing well. I'm a student of English literature and a content writer. I want work and want to help others. How can I find a work? How can I start? Please anyone suggest me. Thank you.

Hi Piyali,


Please click the Academy link on the top of this page for the best ways to use Upwork and land a job.

I'm export writer work contact me 

That's great to hear that you're an export writer! How can I assist you with your work today? Do you have any specific questions or topics you'd like to discuss?

Community Member

Hi! My name is Ember! This my first freelance job as a proofreader and editor. I have been herefor a few months and the only jobs that I have gotten were scams. I have applied for other jobs but I haven't gotten them. Can anyone give me so tips that can help me with landing my first job? I havehad my profile reviewed and adjusted accordingly. Thank you so much!

Hello Ember

I just got your post now though have not gotten any jobs yet but I know very soon I'm going to get jobs

But there is this tips my tutor do tell me concerning my Upwork then saying consistency and keep on sending proposal and make sure you regularly update your profile and I know if you keep doing that you will get your first job



Thank you!

Anytime, all freelancer are a helping hands to each other

Community Member

I agree 


Hello Jawaid

Setup your account professionally



Community Member

''Experienced data entry professional with a keen eye for accuracy and efficiency. Proficient in data processing, Excel, and attention to detail. Dedicated to delivering high-quality work on time." And marketing.

I am trying to get job but still didn't get any. Please evaluate my profile and let me know if there are any adjustments I need make.


Hello Karim

I have carefully reviewed your profile and I see you've not done anything on your profile like your profile is too short and not explanatory about your niche

Then you should also have a specialized profile as well

Add more skills, the maximum skills you can add is 15 so add up to 15 skills and also remember to regularly update your skills

And also add portfolio

Add more certificates

Add employment history and other experience

And also create project catalogue the maximum you can create is 20


Kindly review my profile and give me your feedback




Community Member

Hi Rajat,

I'm new in the online working so I need some help of you please guide me in with easy way I she'll be very thankful to yoy

Community Member

I am using upwork first time. Please help how can I get clients for work and how can I grow my profile as well.


As I have well experienced in administrative work and looking for same task here as well.



Community Member

I am trying to get job but still didn't get any. 

Community Member

Hi ,am new here and I  am finding job on upwork if anybody help me to get job

Community Member

Greetings. My name is Alfred from Kenya and I am new here. Whereas my skills may a bit technical, I am willing to start easy with data entry jobs, editing & proof reading jobs, subtitle writing/closed captioning, etc. as I grow my profile more towards my skills. How do I access such jobs to start immediately? Thank you.

Community Member

I am new here please tell me how to write a proposal that I win work.

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