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Too many proposals with no earning.



I have been sending 10 to 15 proposals daily for the past 2 months although I have no contracts yet I have been interviewed 10 times and received 2 invites. What I am asking is will this ratio lead me to a permanent account ban from Upwork?

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It will not as far as I know.

I believe that too but not so sure about it.

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If you're interviewed frequently but never hired, it could look like you're taking clients off of Upwork. They might question you at some point, although I have no idea how many no-hire interviews are enough to trigger suspicion. I'd be working on my interviewing and deal-closing skills, if I were you.

Most of the clients that interviewed me are not often using the platform while others want something very urgent with a scope of work not mentioned in the whole job description, however, One of the clients told me to develop a single page first so that he will hire me for the entire project I did the task provided him the screenshots and he didn't come back on the platform.

I'm sorry to hear that. Clients aren't allowed to ask for free work (and as you've already seen, once you do the work, they can just run off with it). The next time someone asks you for a free "test" tell them that they need to pay for it (although I don't bother, I just report them).

Thanks, I will care about it next time.

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