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Top Rated Eligibility while having only long term projects that are still active

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Hassene H Member Since: Sep 13, 2020
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Hello Upwork,

So even though my account is not particularly new. I only started being active again here around 15 weeks ago.

Now in those 15 weeks I have managed to earn more than the 1.000$ required for the top rated badge. Also I have maintained the Rising talent badge all this time.

I seem to be meeting all of the requirements for the top rated badge except for one and it is the reason behind this thread.
All of my contracts are big projects that are long term ones. I have completed multiples milestones successfully in all the projects which is proven by the 1000$+ earning in 15 weeks.
I don't have a job success score and I'm thinking maybe that's why I am not getting the top rated badge. But how can I get that if all my projects are long term. Do I really have to terminate my projects to get the feedback to finally manage to get the jss and by that the top rated ?

Thanks for your time and for the answers. I appreciate them.