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Total hours : 1 ??

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Hadeel H Member Since: Jan 13, 2019
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Hi ,
Would somebody tell me why on proposing to some jobs this message appears :
You do not meet all the client's preferred qualifications. You may still submit a proposal, but the client will see the proposal doesnot meet the following criteria :
* Total hours : 1

Although I've chosen on creating my profile that I'm available for short and long terms jobs .
Thank you Smiley Happy

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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You are referring to two things which are not related.


The 1 hour requirement you are seeing means that clients want to work with freelancers who have already completed ar least one hour of work on hourly contracts.

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Hadeel,


Some clients require a specific number of hours worked as one of their requirements when they post the job. Please see screenshot below. The number of hours worked is shown on your profie. That notification is just a reminder of the qualifications the client is looking for but you can still submit a proposal if you are interested. 



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Tony John T Member Since: May 7, 2015
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That's right Hadeel! You can still continue with applying. However you must keep in mind that there is a specific reason why clients place such qualification/restrictions. Some clients may view such applications as spam or negligence on the part of the applicant to fully read through the job posting before proceeding. So its always better to understand the client requirements. 

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Steven L Member Since: May 27, 2019
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Have this too. Its easy to see what Upwork is trying to do (guarantee committment plus some level of qualification/expertise), but ultimately it is not a meaningful metric. It does not take into consideration highly experienced pros who have just joined.