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Translator English to Urdu End Urdu to English

A.O.A All of you I hope that you will b fine 💓 My Self Hajweria.I am new In Upwork community.I like online work very much .And God help those who help themselves 💝 Best of luck all my community members.

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Hey Hajweria. Welcome to upwork. Just checked your profile there are tons of issues in it.


1. You need to upload your own picture they verify it with cnic.

2. Try to learn some other skill as this skill won't be beneficial. As your profile says, you are providing translation services but there are alot of grammatical mistakes in your description. Moreover, you have specified your English level as basic.


3. Your profile title says Teacher rather than translator.


You should check how to work on upwork and relevant profiles of your niche before wasting all your connects because no one except scammers will respond to you, sorry.


Take this feedback in constructive way. Goodluck 

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