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Trouble with updating payment method and buying connects.

Hi everyone,




I am new to upwork. I am having trouble with updating my payment method. I was trying to link upwork with my bank account directly. I was told to enter IFSC code, I entered valid IFSC code but still the upwork was not able to find my bank. Whenever, I tried to enter the bank address manually it throws me to main page. This is not one time problem but, everytime as I tried multiple times.


I tried to contact upwork support but there was not specific answer to it. Further, the chat support suggested to contact community forums, that can help to achieve better solutions.


The same thing happens when I try to buy connects. It says me to apply promo code which I don't have, and beside that there is no other way to buy connects showing. Also, sometimes when I try to buy connects by applying to job method, than I am thrown to submitted proposals page. 


Hence, I can't update my payment method and also can't buy connects.


What to do, can someone please help..


Thank you


Hi Pooja,


Our customer support may have directed you here to get responses from Community members who may be using the same bank so they can give you the correct information.


As for the promo code, we don't have any discount codes or promos available at the moment.

~ AJ
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