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Trying to Stay Positive

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Rafif J Member Since: Oct 28, 2016
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Still new to Upwork. Still submitting proposals on the gigs that align with my capabilities and skills. But the "client declined" messages are coming in, and my ego is crumbling almost as fast as my Connects are disappearing. I wish there were some sort of feedback mechanism from the clients so I would know what I'm doing wrong!


I can't possibly be the only one going through this...or am I? Any advice?





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Kat C Member Since: Jul 11, 2016
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Hi, Rafif!


I'm sure other Upwork freelancers will cruise through and offer additional suggestions and so forth.


1. Many of us go through what you're experiencing. This applies in particular to the writing category (but other areas too!!) because a great many people tag "writer" on to their profile (if you do a search for other freelancers in the writing category, this might help put things into perspective?).


2. For writing, specifically, I'd recommend focusing on a particular genre. Are you an academic writer? Copywriter? Creative writer (especially in the romance niche)? In what topics are you most fluent? 


From what I've researched, overall, the writers who have a niche tend to do the best on Upwork. Now, of course, there are EXCEPTIONS. And, I'm still waiting for one of the "exceptions" to pop on to the forums and (hopefully) give details as to how they came to be the exception.


When I started on Upwork I advertised as an all-purpose writer (because I've both academic and experiential training in all forms of writing). The tides turned, so to speak when I chose a particular writing skill set and then targeted those jobs. Perhaps giving more details about the topics you specialize in writing will give you a boost. 


Best wishes,




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Angela B Member Since: Feb 5, 2012
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It's hard. I've been on here for four years and the work seems to be slowing down. I do agree that you should choose a niche. Personally, I focus on business writing (small businesses, real estate, insurance etc.), though I apply for other things that look fun or interesting too. 


My tips:

1. Choose a niche

2. Work on your cover letter (make sure you have something solid to send each time you apply)

3. Be pickier about what you apply for (sounds counterintuitive, but it does work). 

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Rafif J Member Since: Oct 28, 2016
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Thanks, Kat and Angela.


I'll keep at it!