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UK freelancer needs help with W-8BEN

Hi, I'm just getting started on Upwork and am trying to get my tax stuff sorted. I'm trying to find out how to fill in all the W-8BEN details but it seems to need a company name and, as yet, I don't have a company set up. Is this something I need to do? Also, I heard you don't need a VAT number in the UK if you're earning less than £83,000. If that is the case what do I put in place of a VAT number on the site?





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Hi Tom,

If you don't have a company, you can add your own legal name as it appears in your passport or other official documents in your W-8BEN form. The form is required to be completed by all non-U.S. freelancers in order to withdraw their funds.


Unless you provide your valid VAT number, you'll be charged VAT on Upwork service fee, Membership and connects purchases. Note that Upwork doesn't assess VAT on services you provide to your clients. Check out this help article for more information.

~ Valeria

Hi, I am not exacly sure where and how upload mentioned form. Article doesn't really explain it

Hi Paulina,

I would like to clarify that there's no need to upload the form anywhere, all you need to do is to fill it out.
To provide Upwork with your Form W-8BEN information, Go Settings › Tax Information > Provide us with your legal name and address. Thank you.
~ Goran
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