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US Citizen/Working in Mexico/ US Taxes

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Kathryn Lourdes S Member Since: Apr 27, 2019
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Hello! Question regarding filling US Taxes.

I am a US Citizen, but I am also a Mexican citizen and I live and work in México. I have to file taxes in both places. When I file taxes in the US, I am always exempt from paying taxes as I pay taxes in México. If I am paid through Upwork, will I not qualify for this anymore? I will be paid through my Mexico bank account, but the money will still be coming from the US. Not sure if I would have to file for something different, or would I still qualify to be exempt since 95% of my income will still come from México? Thanks!!

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I can assure you that Upwork can not and will not offer authoritative answers to your tax questions. Upwork employees will advice you to get local assistance from local tax experts, accountants, tax officials, etc.


There is nothing wrong with posting such questions in the Forum. But remember: We do not know all the details of your situation. If you receive answers, then those answers WILL be correct. Or incorrect. Or somewhere in between.


I would also remind you that if you seek expert advice from different tax experts or officials who live in the same country and town that you live, and who are able to review all of your financial details, then you are likely to receive different answers and different advice. And that's okay!

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Bearing Preston's absolutely correct proviso in mind and with the mention that you must ask a tax professional - A friend of mine had the exact same scenario and she paid her taxes in Mexico for the Upwork money.


It's not where the money is originating from, it is where you live and whether there is that tax treaty thing in place to avoid double taxation for US citizens.


She declared her Upwork income in Mexico and in the US but paid taxes on it (only) in Mexico.


PS - the above is not tax advice and anectdotal and please do get proper advice