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Unable to Complete Profile

Active Member

Good evening,

I have tried to complete my profile for the past two days and I am unable to upload a picture. I have tried numerous options and keep getting the error message that something went wrong, unable to load picture. I have cleared my cache and cookies. I have resized, reformatted ant can't get anything to work. Please advise

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Janet, 


Could you please contact the team using this link and they'll assist you with your profile verification and uploading the picture?

~ Valeria

I have the same problem. I am new and I'm attempting to complete my profile but I cannot upload my picture. I have made a number of attempts.

Hi John,

Please try to clear your cache and cookies and try using a different browser too. Let us know if this works.

~ Jo-An


Still does not work.

Hi John,

Please click this link for profile verification and one of our team member will also assist you in uploading your picture. Thanks.

~ Jo-An

I'm unable to change my country name when creating my profile which sets itself to Netherlands by default and I'm from Kenya.
Please help.

Hi Sammy, 

I've changed your country from Netherlands to Kenya, as requested. 

~ Avery
Thanks Avery,
Really appreciated.