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Unanswered Proposals

Hi I'm new to Upwork as an Illustrator and I've sent some proposals already but none of them are getting answered. Can any of you give me some tips or advice, please?

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Hi Aerian. Welcome to upwork. I'm also new here and facing the same issue, like every new freelancer faces. I find few articles very helpful in this issue. Ive read them and started following the tips. My 2 proposals are answered in last 4 days. Here're the articles:





Yeah well but for a $5 job they cannot excpect a 10 sites roman as cover letter with whole life story.... Surely they have the might of choice but I think many people seem to have exaggerated expectations... 

One thing that might be going on is that you need to be more selective in which jobs you send proposals to. Here are a few things to look at:


► Is the job post well written, clear, thought out? If not, the client may be problematic to work with.


► Does their job history (on the right if they have one) show a low average rate paid or a rate in line with yours?


► If they have a history (at the bottom of the job post), check it out to see things like this: Do they give reviews to the freelancers? Do they give good reviews or bad reviews? Do they have a bunch of jobs with no review or feedback given? Yuck!


► At the bottom, how many jobs have they posted and how many actually were completed contracts. There does seem to be a high number of job posts where there is never a hire. Not sure why this is...but it does appear to be true. I say that because I can go in and look at the history of some of the proposals I've submitted in the past. There's a high proportion where there was no client activity on the post.


I suspect that if you raise your standards for whom you send proposals to, you might start getting better results.


It can take a lot of time and a lot of proposals to get that first job. It can feel really disheartening. It's most important to get that first job with a good client who will love your work and give you a great review. It's a long climb to get a start, but worth it when you do.


Once you have that first great review, things get easier.


Put your focus on having a great profile and building out your portfolio. Be selective with the jobs you submit proposals to. In the beginning, it seems to be a numbers game. Just keep at it...submitting proposals for jobs that are a good fit for your skills.



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