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Understand how VAT is applied on the platform


I'm quite new to UpWork and I've been reading message threads regarding this topic and I would like to receive a confirmation about my understanding so far about this topic, if possible:


If freelancer adds "VAT number" to his account then on all of the bellow possible invoices will be printed "VAT reverse charged" ?

- invoice issued to the client on behalf of the freelancer ( on this I'm not sure )

- invoice for UpWork service fee

- invoice for premium UpWork membership

- invoice for puchases of Connects


If the Client adds "VAT number" for his account then the first invoice from the top will contain "VAT reverse charged" ? regardles if the freelancer has one introduced ?


Please don't send me to read the Taxes section of the site because I just did and I asked the qustions to be sure as this is important for tax purposes.


Thank you



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You will get an email for every invoice

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