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Re: United States Location Verification - Unable to do

Community Guru
Jo-An B Member Since: Aug 2, 2016
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Hi Scott,

One of our team member will reach out to you directly and assist you with the process.

~ Jo-An

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Gabriela F Member Since: Feb 25, 2017
1722 of 5,094

Hi there! I've been working using the Upwork platform for over a year so I have already provided information regarding the id, fulfilled the necessary steps but, now, I have received like many others this message: You've reached the maximum number of tries for uploading your ID. Please contact customer support.  I pressed on the customer support link, but the page does not exist, so I am looking forward to be helped to resolve this problem. Thank you! 

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Gabriela,

One of our agents will contact you directly and assist you further, thank you!

~ Goran
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Beatriz R Member Since: Feb 26, 2018
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Whenever I see a job for US based freelancers, it gives me an error saying that I reached the maximum upload tries for my ID, even though I did upload my driver license's information. It gives me a link to customer support that is just a 404 error page. Is there a hold on my account I am not seeing? Thank you in advance!

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Beatriz,


We'll reach out to you directly via a support ticket and assist with your location verification.



~ Valeria
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Beatriz R Member Since: Feb 26, 2018
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Thank you!

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Chad H Member Since: Feb 26, 2018
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I attempted to upload an image of my ID for verification processing but it was rejected for unknown reasons (your site was less than specific). When attempting to re-upload a different digital image file I was told I'd made too many attempts already and I needed to contact "Customer Support", for which there is no easily accessible way to do so. How can I verify my ID so I can work with "US only" clients? Please advise.


Also, there's no listed tech support nor customer support email or chat method on your site. If your system tells us we need to contact you how are we supposed to do so?

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Carrie A Member Since: Feb 26, 2018
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I've attempted to upload my ID and got an error stating I reached maximum tried.  Can someone help or tell me how I can get my ID uploaded.



Community Guru
Nina K Member Since: Nov 29, 2017
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Chad, Khenda and Carrie,


I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for reaching out. I've requested that one of our representatives reach out to each of you to help with uploading your ID document and completing the verification process.

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Kasey S Member Since: Feb 26, 2018
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I've attempted to upload my ID 3 times to verify my location; however, it keeps rejecting it. Now, I get an error saying contact support, but the link redirects to an invalid page. How can I verify my U.S. residency?