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Not able to verify my state id on my profile. Error says You've reached the maximum number

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Jyoti J Member Since: Feb 11, 2019
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Hello Guys,


I am getting an error, You've reached the maximum number of tries to upload your ID.
To verify your identity so that you can access all jobs, please contact customer support.


When I reach to contact support it send me here to community discussion. Can some one help me with the steps to verify the account. 




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Toluwa O Member Since: Feb 11, 2019
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Hi Avery, I haven't been able to verify my identity as it is refusing to accept my ID image. Is there an email I can send the image to?
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Rahil L Member Since: Feb 11, 2019
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I have tried to verify my account by uploading my ID five different times. However, each time, it was rejected despite meeting all of the guidelines given. I am now locked out of  and I have no way of submitting any proposals. Help.

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LyKae F Member Since: Feb 11, 2019
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Trying to upload my ID. The first few attempts were unsuccessful due to failing to upload it in the proper format.  But, the last few times, I uploaded directly through my phone on the Upwork app and it failed again.  Now, I've reached my upload attempt limit.  What do I do?

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Julio M Member Since: Feb 12, 2019
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** I took time to read the other threads and they are not similar to mines, I do not have a problem uploading my ID - and I did such.


Ok, so I verified my location via SMS text. No problem. Then, I was told to verify my ID, and I did. I uploaded it and received an email that my ID was not verified.


I am not sure why? I have a VALID, North Carolina ID... The only thing I can think of is my middle name?


Which obviously I do not want part of my freelancer profile. 



Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Julio,


One of our team members will reach out to you via ticket and assist you further with finishing our short verification process. Thank you.

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Julio M Member Since: Feb 12, 2019
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Thank you so much. Let me know when the ticket is created.
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India L Member Since: Feb 12, 2019
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Hello I uploaded my green card and I got a message saying it isn't a supported ID? But it said I could use my Green Card as identification

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi India, and Karthiga, 

A member of the team will reach out to you to assist you further with your location verification.

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Karthiga R Member Since: Feb 12, 2019
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Hi.. I have issues while uploading my ID. The message says I have reached the maximum number of verification attempts. Can someone please help on this.