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United States Location Verification - Unable to do

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Brandon, and Bodie, 

A member of the Customer Support Team will reach out to you both separately to assist you with your location verification.

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Krithiga N Member Since: Mar 16, 2018
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My ID verification reached maximum number of tries and requested to reach customer support. Can someone please advise how to reach customer support and get this ID verification issue resolved. 



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Maria L Member Since: Mar 16, 2018
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It says that I have reached my maximum number of tries for uploading my ID and that I need to contact customer support but I do not see any information for contacting them nor do I know how to reset it to upload again. Suggestions? 

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Nina K Member Since: Nov 29, 2017
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Peter, Krithiga and Maria


Sorry that you're having trouble uploading your IDs, I've requested that someone from the team reach out to assist each of you with completing the ID verification and you should be hearing from them very shortly.

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Peter M Member Since: Mar 16, 2018
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Receiving error uploading license to verify identity. Prompt says to make sure name matches, I have updated the name to match, but still provides an error. Name on license has last name first, followed by first name and middle name. Ive updated the text fields to reflect all names, but it still won't validate. 


We had some trouble verifying your ID

The name on your ID doesn’t match the name on your Upwork account.
Go back and edit the name on your account so it matches your ID.

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Jeff R Member Since: Mar 16, 2018
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I was told that I had too many tries to upload my ID.  Now what?  "Help" was of no help.

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Nina K Member Since: Nov 29, 2017
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Hi Jeff & Stephanie,

I've requested that a team member provide assistance for you both to help complete the ID verification and someone will be in touch with your shortly to help with this, thanks!

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Javier R Member Since: Mar 16, 2018
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I am also experiencing this issue after attempting to use a temporary ID and my passport. 

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Ryan C Member Since: Feb 3, 2017
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Hello Javier,


I have escalated your concern. One of our representatives will reach out to you shortly. Thank you.

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Ajinkya T Member Since: Mar 17, 2018
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I recently joined Upwork. I tried to upload a copy of my US driver license, but it was not accpeted and I got the following message:

You've reached the maximum number of tries for uploading your ID. Please contact customer support.


However, there seems to be no way to contact customer support, except posting in the community. Due to the hold on my account, I'm unable to submit proposals. Hopefully someone from customer support sees this and reaches out to me.