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Unrecognised Card Transaction


I have found this transaction in my personal credit card statement. I do not know what it relates to as I do not even have an Upwork account - I created one only so that I could post here. 

It also appears to be impossible to talk to your customer support team or to find an email address where I could send this too. Every attempt at contact requests that I post here - so here it is.

Can you someone help me explain this charge?




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If you have not used Upwork before, then I would assume that an unauthorized person obtained your credit card number and used it on the Upwork.com site.


What you may be facing is not an Upwork issue at all, but a problem with your credit card number.


If I had a friend in this situation, I would advise them to BOTH work with Upwork Customer Service to investigate and reverse this charge, and ALSO call their credit card company to report this incident and have the company issue a NEW CARD with a new CC#.


If you wait an hour or two, then I expect that you will hear from an Upwork representative who will relay this matter to the right internal team in order to help you.

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Hi Sami,


Thanks for letting us know about this. We're currently looking into this issue for you and will follow up shortly.


Update: we'll be reaching out to you via email to sort this out. Thanks!

~ Valeria
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