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Update Current Email addres from Close account email adress

Hi i would like to update my email address, however it does not allow me to as it's im trying to replace it with my closed account email address, is there any other way to replace it with my closed account email addres as it's where my paypal account is.

Best regards,

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That is not how this works.


You can't simply stop using one Upwork account and create new accounts. This is a serious violation of Upwork ToS.


Upwork routinely does things to find users who do this. When it catches people doing this, it closes their accounts, suspends them and/or terminates their accounts.

But if you go contact Upwork Customer Support yourself, you can ask for help to fix this problem. You should create a customer support ticket asking them to help you close the new account you created and asking them to help you restore your original account. If you contact them and explain that you made a mistake and did not know that you were violating the rules, they can help you sort this out.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Marcelo,


We won't be able to release the email address related to your previous account but you can add your account email address as a secondary email in your PayPal account in order to enable PayPal as your withdrawal method. Please refer to the information Nina shared with you on your previous question here.

~ Vladimir
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