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Updated My Profile many times as a graphics designer, Unable to show up on Upwork Algorithm...

Hello, I have updated my profile and added more to my portfolio but I am unable to get any jobs yet...Can someone please have a look at my profile and advise me on any other changes...Much appreciated.


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Through my experince here, having a good profile is nice thing, but you need a bit of luck to win jobs.

Reading your profile, I can feel your passion to your job, maybe the font can be changed to make easily read (all started with Caps)

I can feel that you presented your works based on the market need, which is a great thing. Good Luck!




Their profile description in Specialized Profile looks completely different, as if someone else wrote that.
Neither looks good, but the Specialized Profile at least doesn't have letters capitalised on every word.

Apart from what Lahlooh M mentioned, would add to use less "I" statements ("I can", "I will"). And make description much shorter. You do graphic design, use your portfolio to tell your story, no one will read that many words.

Hello Antun, 

I didn't notice the profile related to "Graphic Design" .

I'd rather merge both profiles under graphic design, and use the text used under the "all works"  and changing the font/caps lock.


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I agree with the other comments that you shouldn't capitalise every word of your overview. And why does your profile start out by saying that you're going to be awarded a Rising Talent badge by Upwork? There's no way of knowing whether that will happen or not, so it looks like false advertising. 


Also, it looks like you've had no formal training and you're just using Canva to come up with your designs? It's not a crime, but it's self-defeating - the whole point of Canva is that basically anyone can quickly knock up a design and not have to hire a graphic designer. Although there ARE some Canva jobs on Upwork, you're going to find it difficult to compete at the beginner end of the marketplace, because other freelancers charge extremely low prices for that type of work. (There are no "barriers to entry," as they say.) You'd be better off taking some courses first, especially in typography, and learn how to use Adobe Creative Suite before you try to become a design freelancer. In the meantime, you could bid on some Word and Excel jobs, since that might be a better bet. 


Also, you should turn off your "available now" badge - Upwork says that it's only intended for freelancers who already receive lots of invitations, and that it won't help anyone to appear higher in the search results. I hate to see new freelancers wasting their money on that feature.


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