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Upwork Account Suspension Reasons

Hello People's. I hope You all are doing good.

I have a Question, I want to say that What things suspends account.

I Really love to work on Upwork. I'm new on Upwork. But when I see YouTube I saw that alot of people uploading vodeos that.

- my account has been suspended
- how to recover suspended

Then i searched in Upwork and I saw Trust and safety Actions. but little bit i understood what to do what to not.

but anyone a oldest Freelancer here who can tell me or do list for me what cam i avoid?

for example!

sharing WhatsApp or email suspends account or not?


i used to send my alot of side clients to Upwork so that they give me project through upwork. so sometimes I'm telling them procedures of making contract this makes suspension or not.

mean i need this kind of list so that i will not do these things. I need nice advice from Old Freelancers.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sanaullah,


Thank you for your message. I understand your concern. We recommend you to read and adhere to Upwork ToS to keep your account in good standing. Please, check out the tips here and here to make sure you stay safe and protected while working on Upwork. 


Thank you.


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