Upwork Profile Links to Social Account but 'un-links' automatically

Hi Upwork Community!


How you all doing? I like the spirit here! Freelancers helping out each other! 🙂


Now for the issue I have been facing:

Regarding the Upwork Profile completion we are required to do a lot of things. I have done almost everything but am stuck at 'Add a linked social account'


I go to my Profile, click on 'Add a linked social account'

Then clink on Google+ from the several options present at the bottom.

It takes me to a Google Sign in page

I sign in

Page closes


But nothing happens.


Stiil I see 'Add a linked social account'


I have tried doing it several times now but no successs.

I also don't understand why there is No Upwork Support for Freelancers (OR is there one?)? Aren't we also paying to them a service fee?

All help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Community Manager



The feature you used is working as designed. It's not suppose to visibly link your social media accounts with your Upwork profile, but use the information from your networking accounts for internal purposes, like helping provide more information for creating targeted job recommendations etc.


Thanks for your reply! That was quick!

Okay so it may not visibly link my Upwork Profile with a Social Account- I get it. But then atleast the 10% at the end of

Add a linked social account +10%

should disappear and my profile should show an increase of 10% in Profile Completion- I am not achieving any of that. If I may sincerely ask, why isn't that happening? I am stuck at not getting my Profile completed to a 100%.



Could you please try linking your Google + account using a different browser. It doesn't look like it was linked?


Alternatively, you can take a few skill tests to complete your profile 100%.

~ Valeria

Hi! Ms. Valeria!


I had tried that too- first on Edge, then Firefox (I use Chrome as default). But the problem persists. Looks like I would have to complete the profile via other ways like you mentioned- skill tests.

Thanks for you response btw.

Just one more thing- is there something called Upwork Support for Freelancers? Or do we just have the Community (awesome community actually) for us?

Thanks once again!



Available support options can be found under "Get Help From Upwork" button here. Unfortunately, not all support options are available to all users. You can always come to the Community if you have any questions.


I'll check with the team regarding the issue you are experiencing trying to link social media accounts.


Edit: Dharmendra, could you please try linking a social media account other than Google + and let us know if it works? If it doesn't could you please let us know the version of the browser and OS you are using?

~ Valeria

Okay. Got that!

From the Social Accounts available, I used Google+ because I am active on that. I also have a DeviantArt account but I have not been really active on it from quite some time now, so adding it would be futile.


UPDATE: I tried doing it the other way now. Logged in to Google+, browsed a few things, then visited my Upwork Profile and tried Adding Social Account again, and viola it has been added now. Funny.


Still I really thank you guys for the great help and support you have been!

Have a great day!


So... Google+, huh?


Is that like MySpace?

I don't use Myspace so don't know how it works, but Google+ is also a social network, kind of.


For a long time I had a 100% completed profile, tonight drops to 90% and I have to add a linked Social Account so:


1.- Can I add my facebook account?

2.- My facebook account email login is different from the one I use in upwork. Can I do it anyway? This won't get me into trouble (identity trouble).

3.- I have a linkedin account with the same email I use on Upwork, but it barely contains relevant information I seldom use it.


Please enlighten me.

Hi! Ms. Elba!


First of all, I am no expert here, but I will try to answer this using the knowledge I have gained here.


Yes you can add your facebook account. The log-in email will not matter if its the same or not as your email with Upwork. But I am not sure if the Names (Name on Upwork and name on Facebook) should be the same or can be different.

I would also like to quote what Mr. Vladimir has said above in this thread, "It's not suppose to visibly link your social media accounts with your Upwork profile, but use the information from your networking accounts for internal purposes, like helping provide more information for creating targeted job recommendations etc."

So, you can rest assure that whatever social account you link- it will not be visible on your Upwork Profile.

I hope that helps.