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Upwork account approve issue

Hi, I'm here because of my friend. He said he can't login upwork "help & support" and also create new topic on this community, so I'm helping him now.

He said he created his upwork account a few days ago and yesterday he had an identity video verification call with upwork support team member.

They said he will receive an email within 24 hours, but he said he didn't get it yet and when go to the message room it says "You account has been suspended, ..."

We are looking for your help. I want you to review his account and give the answer to him.


Additionally, he had an interview with one client few days ago, but upworks says the proposal was withdrawn by him and the client asked him why did he withdraw that proposal.

He also wanted to know about this.



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Chances are your friend's profile contained something that wasn't 100% true. Either way, Upwork will not discuss your friend's profile with you, he'll have to wait until he is contacted.


Talking of things not being as they seem, why is your profile identical to the one of a person called Jian Bai in Liaoning, China?



I don't know at all why it is. I'm using my own profile. He copied from me or so?

I'm entirely using my own profile.

I really don't know why it is.

@Mike C wrote:

I don't know at all why it is. I'm using my own profile. He copied from me or so?

I don't think so...


Petra, I really don't know why. What do you mean? Again, I'm using my own profile. Maybe he copied my one or so recently. Really don't know.

And, are you also using your own image?
Or one Nicolas D M has copied it to you?

What bad luck do you have 😞

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