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Upwork failed in security I need answer



There was an contract which one hire me and pay in advance ask to buy domain for him in advance but now he withdraw payment from upwork and contract suspended also when i cancel the domain it was auction domain how upwork such kind of lacking security even payment reach in last stage and he withdrawal I know the experience person on upwork understand such kind of Froud but what about the new one


Thank you if somehow you bring money or action on such kind of people and contractor 


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There's no reason whatsoever why clients can't purchase things like this for themselves. Don't purchase anything for clients.

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You should never buy anything for a client. If the main part of the job consists of it, it is strictly forbidden by ToS. This seems to be a scam that has been reported many times in the forum. 

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Yes you all are right but how upwork allow to be such kind of people to enter as it is a big platform at least there should be a proof when some one creating account with you as you were asking to a freelancer to provide some govt idententy same for client se so you have to take action against them.

Yes, it's a big platform and jobs are posted every minute of every day, so it would be ridiculously expensive for Upwork to try and vet clients. And there are plenty of scamming freelancers as well, so obviously providing I.D. doesn't prevent scamming either. How would knowing this person's name help you anyway? It wouldn't be worth pursuing them in international court over the cost of a domain registration. 


Next time, ask yourself WHY a client would ask you to do a particular task, and if there's no logical reason, don't do it. Using your brain is the best way to prevent being scammed.

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the contract is 31350224 and the 

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now you see he hire me per hour $12 and it is common if someone hired you and you are new on upwork you should be ready for work!

Yes, and if you track your time properly, you'll get paid. Upwork won't give you any payment protection when you buy things for clients. So, you can either trust the client and take that risk, or (best response) you can tell them to buy their own domain. Upwork isn't going to vet your clients and protect you; you need to accept that this is your responsibility, or you're not well-suited to being a freelancer.

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Thanks for your valueable reply just check one thing that contract suspended through client or upwork if upwork can you active back for one day.

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