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Upwork is asking for bank statement, personal ID's...I'm not sure about this!

I started a profile with a user name, I don't recall Upwork saying you have to use your exact legal name?  So I set up my profile and went into the receiving payment area of my profile for when I would get paid.


An auto message area says your profile ID and name on your bank must match.  It gives you an option to select one or the other, so I selected my name on my bank account thinking that is the legal one of the two.   I then get a message "The name on your payment account has been manually reviewed by our staff and did not meet the criteria for acceptance because the name in your Upwork account is different than the name on the payment account. "


First of all.... did I miss somewhere signing up for Upwork that your profile name should be your exact legal name?


So now they are wanting me to send my bank statement and 2 photo ID's through there "secure portal" so they can "manually review the documents"....


Does anyone else feel that this sets you/me/us for potential ID theft?  If I sound paranoid it's because I have been through ID fraud before, so I am being very careful.  I mean, anyone of these people can save this info for themselves.


I am on another freelance website that verifies who you are through your W-9 via the IRS and they don't ask for all of this personal info....I am wondering if Upwork is not worth the risk (and the hastle)??


How many of you have had to do all of this, too?  Just curious



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You don't need to give Upwork ANY of these documents.

If you don't trust Upwork as a company, you should NOT give Upwork any of this information.

Deciding whether or not to use this platform as a freelancer is 100% optional.


I have given Upwork all of this information, starting 7 years ago.

Never had a problem.

You can click on my name or profile photo to visit my page and see my total earnings and individual earnings for every job I have done.


re: "Does anyone else feel that this sets you/me/us for potential ID theft?.. I am wondering if Upwork is not worth the risk (and the hassle)??"


You are welcome to look at the numbers and decide for yourself if it is worth the risk and hassle. You can view the earnings of most Upwork freelancers.


Sending Upwork this informaton does not open you up for identity theft.


Anyway, all of this information is already out there. Your purchases through online stores, participation in social media, and use of government-connected institutions such as drivers licenses, are far more problematic as a way that your information gets out into the datasphere. Upwork isn't asking for any information that I couldn't dig up from the dark web if I wanted to. And don't forget all the information sources that are completely legal and aboveboard, such as property title data. I probably administer databases personally that have a ton of information about you in them. (But I'm not going to manually check, so don't ask me to.)

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Community Manager

Hi Bonnie,


Your profile must represent you as an individual and all the information in your profile including your name and profile photo needs to be accurate, truthful and verifiable. 


All the information you submit when verifying your identity is kept secure. Access to your information is reserved exclusively for Upwork agents who have passed strict background checks and our third-party vendor. 


As part of our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to ask any Upwork user to verify their identity at any time. We do this because it is a critical part of maintaining a trusted online global workplace and helps to keep Upwork secure and fraud-free.


Feel free to reach back to us if you have any further questions or you need assistance!


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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