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Upwork is not for new people, seeking instant jobs.

Why is Upwork flooding the Google job postings, when most jobs are not available to them unless they have been completing upwork jobs? (example, someone new sees the 25+ upwork listings on Google, and goes to apply, only to find out they need 100+ hours with upwork jobs, or some other requirement )


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The 100 hours and the 90% JSS/ Rising Talent are RECOMMENDATIONS, not requirements.  Anyone with the expertise and  experience to do the job well can apply.  We all started in the same place.  Some people stayed there, some did not.

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Why are you doing this through Google?  Keep trying on Upwork by filtering through appropriate jobs and I am sure you will soon get lucky. You have the sort of profile that is likely to be successful. 


Google jumps on key words in Upwork's freelancer profiles,  so you might well find that your profile is applied to other freelancers in the same category, and in a Google search on your profile, you may not be found. It has frequently happened to me, which is why my profile is now set to private (search only within Upwork). 

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