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Upwork's process for determining low success rate of a freelancer

I am new to Upwork and I get the impression from what I read that Upwork keeps close tabs on your success rate and could suspend you if you are not "performing".This makes sense and is fair so that the platform is populated with valued freelancers but I would like to know how they do this. I am particularily interested in this because there are a few things that could "count against me" that may not have anything to do with me.


The first is I sent proposals for 2 jobs. Both jobs seemed to have been sitting for a month or so with multiple proposals already submitted. I worried they were inactive but thought I was a good fit so went ahead anyway and I thought it would be good practice with the process. They have just sat ther ever since. Not sure if that reflects poorly of me in Upworks eyes. I understand that perhaps they didn't want me but it is also likely they no longer are seeking to fill this job. Is there a penalty for the clients for inactive jobs in Upwork to avoid this? If not, then is the freelancer penalized when they don't get a "hit" on a job even when it could be the client changed their mind and decided not to move ahead with the job with anyone (not specifically havign anything to do with you?)


The second is that I got an interview request from someone who wanted work done that did not match my skills. I had related experience but not the exact thing they were looking for. My profile was clear on what experience I did have and they tool they wanted me to help them with was not listed on my profile as one I had experience with. So they just assumed I knew it based on related experience. I was honest with them and told them that I had no hands on experience in this area with other clients (but offered to do the work anyway because I was familiar and trained with the tool and felt I really could do the work). They didn't respond and I don't blame them for looking for someone who has hands on experience in this tool, but now I fear that it looks like I "failed" the interview because it is sitting there inactive now when really it was not the right job for what I had listed on my profile.


I have another interview in progress now so I hope that pans out, it seems to be going well.


I have also been asked to apply for Upwork Premium, which I am excited about but I can only imagine would put me under greater scrutiny in this area. I am good with that as long as the things that count against me are legitimate and I have a chance to state a case if such a concern would arise.


Any insight into how Upwork determines your success/failures would be appreciated.




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Proposals don't count against you unless you are spamming clients with proposals and not getting any jobs.  Same thing with interviews.


Clients often abandon job posts.  They hire elsewhere, or internally, or locally and don't close the job.  No big deal.


My best advice is to submit your proposals and then don't think about them again.  If the client comes back, great.  If not, their loss.  JSS, or Job Success Score, will be based on your actual jobs, not what you've submitted for.  People who get suspended generally broke the rules (TOS) some way or applied for dozens and dozens of jobs without ever getting hired.

Great to hear, thank you!

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