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Upwork tracking app Question

Can i use a usb drive to put my screen  shot on a usb drive for a backup?

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There are no rules prohibiting that.

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The screenshots are available online in your work diary, so you should be able to access them there without backing them up yourself. Of course, there's nothing to stop you from putting them on a USB drive as well.


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Craig P wrote:

Can i use a usb drive to put my screen  shot on a usb drive for a backup?

You can't do some automated setting that saves the screenshots to a USB drive and there is no easy way to download them from the work diary other than right-clicking each screenshot and saving them.

Also, as per Upwork procedures, once a contract is closed the freelancer does not have access to the work diary and screenshots any more as they (may) show client sensitive data so I am not sure Upwork would want freelancers to save copies of them, although I am not aware of it being specifically forbidden. Maybe there is something in the small print about it though.


Also, I am curious: you would want them as a "backup" for what? They wouldn't really be of much use to you?

I thought it would save space on my. mac.

Craig... Now we understand why you were asking. Thank you for clarifying.


The screenshots shown in work diaries aren't stored on your desktop computer.. They are stored on Upwork's servers.


The screenshots are meant for clients to view. They would be useless if they were just on your desktop computer.


So don't worry about this.

I seriously doubt that the desktop time-tracking application is storing anything on your desktop app beyond a few minuscule preference files, maybe with some memo presets... 


I don't think the screenshots taken are generating space-consuming image files.


I can assure you that you may delete EVERYTHING associated with the app from your  desktop and not have any problems. Worst case scenario, you can always reinstall the application.


Many freelancers, including myself, move around between different computers. I don't need anything from another computer in order successfully use Upwork on a new computer.


Everything that Upwork needs for displaying your work diaries is "on the cloud."

Thank you for the understanding i didn't know it was on the cloud.:)

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